Communication (May 2013)

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Jonathan Coles on Communication in Social Care Settings

It is self evident that effective communication is vital to the development of high quality social care services. It is also central to the promotion of dignity. Communication is of course an enormous subject involving people in different roles and the use of many methods or tools. In this workshop Jonathan considered communications with service users, family and friends, colleagues and other agencies and he will break the subject down into the following

  • Person centred communication and dignity.
  • The importance of non verbal communication in all face to face interactions.
  • The use of touch as a powerful, positive communication tool.
  • Communication which welcomes and values family and friends.
  • Listening – the most important communication skill of all?
  • The use of IT and social networking – potential and dangers.

SGDignity NL Issue 06

SG Dignity Network – 6th Edition – June 2013 Newsletter

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